February 18, 2021

πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • Root Search: Now you can use ⌘ 1...9 shortcut to quickly jump to N-th item in the list
  • Script Commands: Added support for terminal colors in fullOutput mode 🎨
  • Script Commands: Added URL detection for fullOutput mode making them clickable and available via the action panel
  • Navigation: Pressing delete (backspace) key will now act as "Go Back" if the search bar is empty
  • File Search: Folders can be opened with text editor apps via "Open with..." action
  • File Search: The default search scope now includes all locally mounted volumes and the home directory
  • Calculator: Support for noon/midday and midnight in time calculations
  • Calculator: Support for crypto currencies, e.g. Bitcoin or Dogecoin
  • G Suite: If you are logged into multiple accounts in the browser and use Raycast to create a new Google doc, it will now be created under the account you use in Raycast
  • G Suite: By default, all drives you're a member of will now be searched
  • Create Script: Added author, authorURL, description fields
  • Create Script: Added templates for Python, Ruby, NodeJS. Improved code templates to help with arguments handling for each of supported languages.
  • Calendar: Added support to launch Microsoft Teams, Skype, Cisco Webex, Jitsi, BlueJeans, Whereby video calls directly from Raycast. No more searching for links, instead just press a key.
  • Calendar: In My Schedule, the Welcome greeting with details about today's events will stay at the top even while scrolling down the events list for quick info.
  • Forms: Token fields now support images, f.e. GitHub assignees now show the avatar or Linear labels a colored circle.
  • Jira: Added an action to copy issue key and title
  • Root Search: Global hotkey will be displayed for selected command or app if it's set
  • Mission Control: The Raycast window is now "transient" and does not show up in mission control any more
  • Browser Bookmarks: Bookmarks can now be searched in folders via the search term, e.g. "dev swift" or "swift dev" would find the bookmark "swift" in the folder/tag "dev" – works for all folders listed in the filter dropdown

🐞 Fixes

  • Calendar: Fixed Zoom meetings detection in Calendar Events allowing to directly join Zoom meeting in native application
  • Reminders: Fixed an issue where reminders created in Raycast wouldn't trigger notification on macOS/iOS
  • Browser Bookmarks: Fixed showing the top-level folders for Chrome and Brave in the filter dropdown; fixed the naming for Safari "Favourites"

Bonus: - Create beautiful images to your code

ray so

We made it easy to show off your code on Twitter or on your blog with Choose from a range of syntax colors, hide or show the background, and toggle between a dark and light window. Use keyboard shortcuts to speed up your process and don't forget to tag us on Twitter πŸ˜‰

Pro tip: Grab the script command to create images of your code in the clipboard

February 03, 2021

✨ New Linear Features


The Linear extension got an upgrade! New joiners can use OAuth to sign with one-click, while existing users can continue to use their API token. We added a new command to show issues of the Active Cycle. The command works across teams and you can select a specific one that you're part of.

Sub-issues are ideal when you need to group more work. They're also great for breaking down tasks if different assignees work on the same issue. You can specify the parent issue when creating a new issue or select it via the Action Panel.

Estimates are a great way of communicating the complexity of each issue to calculate whether a cycle has more room left. You can estimate issues in Raycast via the Action Panel for existing issues or when creating new ones.

Last, we added actions to add or remove labels, change project and move issues to the next cycle.

πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • Browser Bookmarks: Improved loading and syncing of bookmarks
  • Browser Bookmarks: A new dropdown menu in the bookmarks list allows you to select a specific top-level folder to show
  • Browser Bookmarks: Added disk caching for Safari Reading List icons
  • Window Management: Added a new command to restore the previous position and size of the focused window.
  • Script Commands: Non-executable script command files will be automatically converted to executables when importing in Raycast
  • Calculator: Many improvements around dates and time, such as support for airports as timezones ("10am sfo to lhr"), military-style timestamps ("1945h + 30 mins"), relative times ("tomorrow in 1 week", "now in 3 days", "today in 2 weeks"), improperly formatted dates, volume to weight conversions, and more
  • Calendar: Added support for Around to join meetings in the desktop app

🐞 Fixes

  • Root: Fixed a bug where some apps didn't have a title.
January 20, 2021

πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • Calculator: A lot of improvements around fractions, time unit phrases, clock times, week numbers, performance
  • Preview Features: A new preview feature checkbox in preferences ("Boost ranking by previous searches") enables increasing the ranking score of an item when a search term was previously used to open that item
  • Root Search: We accelerated the decay of ranking scores when an app or command hasn't been opened recently
  • Root Search: Additional keywords of some apps and preferences are now searchable
  • Root Search: We now show results even if you slightly misspelled app or command names
  • Browser Bookmarks: Frequently and recently visited bookmark items are sorted to the top
  • Browser Bookmarks: Added support for the Brave browser
  • Browser Bookmarks: For Chrome and Brave, you can now choose a different profile via preferences
  • Window Management: Added a command to toggle fullscreen
  • Window Management: Added commands to move the focused window to the edges of the screen
  • Floating Notes: Double click the toolbar to re-position the floating window to the top right corner

🐞 Fixes

  • Root Search: Fixed finding app and command names containing diacritic marks (e.g., Γ©, ΓΌ)
  • Root Search: Fixed a regression that slowed down root search
  • Calendar: Fixed an issue where Raycast would prevent your Mac to sleep
  • Calendar: Fixed badly formatted tooltips for video conference data
  • Jira: Fixed a case where the create issue form could not be displayed when the summary field was removed from the screen configuration in classic projects
  • Jira: Issue key is now always uppercased in "Copy Branch Name" action
  • Preview Features: Fixed the app not being restarted after changing certain features
  • Preview Features: Fixed a bug with the "Find apps and preferences via file system" preview where apps with the same display name would not show up properly in root search
  • Browser Bookmarks: Fixed a bug where favicons could not be displayed
December 22, 2020

That's it. It's our last release for 2020 😱 We wrapped up the year with a hackathon and a bug bash. The update is packed with small improvements and we couldn't resist to release some of our hacks. It's been great to rock this crazy year with all of you. We'll close the virtual Raycast HQ for a couple of days to recharge. See you all in 2021 πŸŽ†

πŸ”– Browser Bookmarks

We've added a new and frequently requested extension for searching your browser bookmarks. Search your bookmarks by name, domain, or tag, and open and copy links via the Action Panel. You can enable the extension in the preferences and choose your browser sources–currently we support the default profile of Chrome and Safari including reading list items. Happy browsing!


πŸ“ Floating Notes

During the hackathon, we built a simple notes extension that stays on top of all other windows. The notes are a great way to write down your daily to-dos, prepare a tweet or jot down a thought you want to pick up later. You can enable Floating Notes in Preferences β†’ Extensions.

πŸ’‘ Pro tip: Use shortcuts to toggle the notes window for even quicker access.


✨ New

  • Auto-switch Keyboard Layout: Now you can enforce Raycast to always switch to English input source when opening the window. Can be useful for people who often jump between english and other languages. You can enable this feature in Preferences β†’ Preview tab.

πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • Calculator: Improved copying of unformatted answers (e.g., does not copy currency symbol)
  • Calculator: Added action to replace input with answer for multi-step calculations
  • Linear: Added fallback search for issues
  • Reminders: Improved sorting for reminders with due dates
  • Reminders: Added time for due dates inline for quicker readability
  • G Suite: Added action to open files in Google Chrome
  • Dashboard Scripts: Added last refresh time to command palette title
  • Dashboard Scripts: Added display of alias shortcuts
  • Clipboard History: Added support for formatted / rich text
  • Clipboard History: Added a preference to set direct paste as primary action
  • File Search: Now you can drag files out of Raycast window using mouse
  • File Search: Calendar events, contacts card data and contact groups are not displayed any more in the list of search results
  • File Search: Improved preview display performance for certain file types
  • Preferences: Added keyboard navigation (βŒ₯ + ↑ / ↓) for the extension list
  • Preferences: The empty "buffer" area below lists can now be scrolled

🐞 Fixes

  • Window management: Fixed a bug where windows with their center outside of the screen couldn't be moved or scaled
  • Reminders: Fix keyboard shortcut to create reminder and close Raycast window afterwards
  • Reminders: Fixed opening the date picker drop down when a number is entered
  • Calendar: Fixed a bug when joining Zoom calls would fail when Zoom wasn't installed
  • Preferences: Fixed a bug where preference shortcuts where broken after entering an alias
December 10, 2020

πŸ‘€ Contacts

Use our new Contacts extension to look up your contact's details. Search for a contact by simply typing their name and use the Action Panel to start an email, copy information, call the person and more.


πŸ–Ό Enhanced Clipboard History

The Clipboard History now supports images, files, links and colors in addition to text. Filter by content type to search what you've copied before. New actions allow to reveal files in the Finder, open links in the browser or copy colors in different formats.


✨ New

  • Shortcuts: You can now assign aliases and hotkeys to apps and system preferences
  • System: New commands for "Sleep" and "Sleep Displays"

πŸ’Ž Improvements

  • Performance: General improvements to make the app snappier
  • Script Inputs: Added support for percent encoding input. Add "percentEncoded": true to input's metadata json and Raycast will make the argument safe for URL queries.
  • GitHub: Repository search now include forks when in "My Repositories" mode
  • Calendar: Select first upcoming meeting in My Schedule command
  • Root Search: Results with aliases set are downranked when the alias is not matched

🐞 Fixes

  • Script Commands: Fixed an issue with wrong file extensions for the scaffolding command
  • Dictionary: Fixed an issue with wrong preferences being displayed
  • GitHub: Fixed pull request detail descriptions not being fully displayed
  • Hacker News: Fixed opening links in browser for some cases