Product Designer

Rethink the user experience for developer's productivity tools.

Raycast makes it simple, fast and delightful to control your tools. We're looking for an experienced individual to join our small team to design a store full of productivity tools and shape how the tools are distributed.

Raycast is a native Mac application with a significant focus on top-notch UI and interactions. We genuinely care about user experience, performance, privacy and ease of use. We had enough of dealing with slow and clunky tools. Raycast is our attempt to let you enjoy your daily workflows without all the distractions.

User experience is at the very core of what we value as a company, as well as attention to the small details. As a product designer at Raycast, you will help with visual design (illustrations and icons), expanding our Figma design system, and build new features that you will follow all the way to implementation in close collaboration with our engineers.

When Apple announced the App Store in 2008, the distribution of software changed over night. Suddenly, developers could reach millions of customers. We believe it's about time to change how developers discover and consume productivity tools. At the center of this, is a store full of Raycast extensions that people can share and manage or discover new ones from others. We need a product designer that owns the experience and branding of this store and helps us to revolutionise how developers distribute and consume productivity tools.

We're a fully remote company and looking for candidates in the UTC timezone (London, Lisbon, Dakar, ...) ± 3 hours. This position is for a full-time employment.

In this role you will...

  • Design our extension store end-to-end. Create flows, prototypes and visuals for distributing and discovering extensions via the store. Balance producers and consumers of extensions and define their user experiences.
  • Build a brand around productivity. Enhance our brand identity with illustrations and iconography. Go beyond the surface of the store to guarantee a design that attracts developers and help us to stand out.
  • Utilize and extend our design system. Build our visual representation in the web by extending our existing design system. Add new components to create a consistent look and feel.
  • Co-own the product and work self-directed. We're a small team of individual contributors. Everybody has autonomy and responsibility. You work on features from ideation over release to maintenance and shape the roadmap of the product.
  • Wear many hats. In a small startup, we're all generalists. You might add a new page to our website, put together illustrations for a changelog entry or write a blog post about a new feature.

You will be a great fit if...

  • You're highly productive while designing quality UX. We release updates every 1-2 weeks. You break down big projects in small deliverables and move fast based on user feedback. You prefer simple solutions and know when to improve something.
  • You are passionated about clean and simple interfaces. We care about efficient human-computer interactions and optimize for keyboard interactions. You keep things simple and are willing to iterate on something multiple times to get it right.
  • You have some engineering background. Our primary audience is engineer. You designed developer tools before and feel familiar with their worfklows. Ideally, you can code.
  • You put our users first. Throughout Raycast you find many little details. You pay attention to detail and provide our users a delightful experience. You can't stand bugs and don't shy away from user feedback.
  • You like to establish a brand. Raycast isn't just a tool. We are building a brand for productivity tools. Ideally you establish our visual language with marketing material, illustrations and icons.

Our stack

  • Figma for every pixel. Our design system is built with Figma, using components and variants to keep all our design documents in sync and consistent. Engineers use a corresponding color and icon set in the codebase to keep everything aligned.
  • JavaScript/TypeScript for everything on the web. We use Vue.js with Gridsome for our website and deploy it with Vercel. Our backend is a simple Node.js app written with Express and hosted on Heroku.
  • Modern work tools for everything. Linear for issue tracking, GitHub as source control, Slack for internal communication, Notion as knowledge base and a few others. As a team, we enjoy using CleanShot, Bear, Things and more Mac apps.

How to apply?

Now that you know about us, we would like to learn more about you. Send us an engaging message at with information you think is relevant. Tell us why you want to join us, what excites you about the problem we're solving and how you envision your role at Raycast. Read about our application process.