Raycast extensions

Powerful third-party service integrations to maximize your productivity.

  • Asana

    Create and manage tasks right from your Mac.
  • Calculator

    Currencies, conversions, timezones and math expressions.
  • Calendar

    Check upcoming meetings and join conference calls.
  • Clipboard History

    Search for text you copied earlier and paste it again.
  • Core

    Get an instant activity boost with file search, clipboard history and other utilities.
  • File Search

    Find your documents and see your recently opened files.
  • G Suite

    Access and create Google Drive files with ease.
  • GitHub

    Have your GitHub workflow at your fingertips.
  • Jira

    Create, find and modify your issues and sprints.
  • Linear

    Create, search and modify your issues from anywhere on your Mac.
  • Media

    Access and view the latest articles
  • Reminders

    Create and complete Apple's reminders with keyboard shortcuts.
  • System

    Control your Mac without touching your mouse.
  • Window Management

    Move and resize application windows.
  • Zoom

    Start, schedule and join meetings without annoying tabs.